People Are Sharing Stories About Their Dads Being Dramatic When Trying To Teach Them Something

Dear dads, what would we do without you? Who else would make us cringe over your punny jokes and who’d teach us to fix a flat tire? While we all appreciate their endeavors in making our life often less, and sometimes even more miserable, there’s a trait that makes dads very particular with their parenting tactics.

“My dad used to be so dramatic when he would teach me how to do stuff,” tweeted @PrinceHAK33M telling how his pa went into full-on cinema mode as if he was acting in a Hollywood drama. “This might happen, and you better be ready. The elements don’t care about you, son,” the dad said after he woke @PrinceHAK33M to change a tire in the rain.

The tweet immediately went viral with 238.3k likes and counting, and people found the drama king dads a totally relatable phenomenon. So below, we compiled a list with hilarious posts about drama dads, so scroll down, upvote your favorites, and share your stories in the comment section!

Psst! More hilarious posts with dads nailing fatherhood await right here.


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