‘People Avoid Eating Just To Prevent This’: Woman Normalizes ‘Food Babies’ By Showing How Her Body Looks Before And After Eating

Clara Guillem from Nashville, Tennessee, is 24 years old but she’s already become a body confidence role model to hundreds of thousands of people. And this series of videos is the perfect reason why.

“I remember I was in the car driving somewhere and I started thinking about how people only show outfits when they feel like their stomach is flat,” Guillem told Bored Panda. “I was thinking about a video I saw that said people see a flat stomach as an accessory and decided it would good to show how cute outfits are still cute after you nourish your body!”

Posing in the same clothes before and after a meal, Clara has posted numerous TiKToks celebrating her ‘food babies’ and has successfully proved time and time again that a full belly is a happy belly. Bon appétit!

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Mm-hm, yup… 10/10. 11/10, extra point for the carbs in my stomach

Image credits: claraandherself


If you happen to be having a hard time enjoying food, please remember that that’s totally okay. Food can be so enjoyable, but ultimately, it’s there to serve your body a purpose.

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This is so cute and I’m fine as hell, obviously, but my appearance is the least interesting thing about me. I have so many other amazing qualities, but those are suppressed when I’m hangry.

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You know the drill, outfits on me before and after I eat, and I wanna let you guys know that I make these videos because a lot of people avoid eating just to prevent this, which is normal and should be celebrated. Woooo, party in my belly!

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It’s been a big week for this series in the press, so hey you there, if you’re watching these all the way through, you know that that’s the first step to self love because you’ve already decided that you deserve to feel good today

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This is what outfits look like on me before and after a full day of eating. And let me tell you, that was good for my body, it was good for my mind, it was good for my soul…

Image credits: claraandherself


Hey bestie, welcome back to outfits on me before and after I eat. This one’s cute, but my ass is like, kind of hanging out. Looking good and feeling good, thank goodness for tacos!

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You know, our bodies do so much for us, and we let people make money off of us hating them? Uh-uh. Not anymore

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I’m gonna show you guys what outfits look like on me before and after a big meal, so this is outfit #1. There is nothing better than being able to see how well I nourish my body.

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Good morning, this is outfits on me before and after I eat, except for this first outfit, I’m gonna show you what happens when I drink a truckload of water. Um… I got distracted by food and forgot to film after the water, sooo…

Image credits: claraandherself


Now, I love my appearance. However, I love my sense of humor more. And honestly, I’m not very funny when I’m hangry and yelling at everyone.

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All bodies are beautiful, but… all bodies are worth more than just their beauty. See you next time!

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#2’s about to make me act uuup… Still fine as hell, just a little less hangry

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I’m choosing this dress because I know I’ll be able to show off my cute happy belly later. Can’t get much sexier than respecting my own body!

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Yup, welcome back to outfits on me before and after I eat. Might have to hide that. This is cute, but it’s already super tight, so I don’t know where this is gonna go. It went to heaven after downing some vegan chicken nuggets. That’s where it went.

Image credits: claraandherself


I could fire a man in this outfit. Speaking of which, our brain uses the most glucose, so food is actually responsible for your happiness, creativity, intelligence, that cute smile on your face…

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I hope y’all are starting to hear my voice in the back of your head after you see how well you nourished your bodies instead of all of that negative self talk

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This is what I’m wearing out to dinner… [Friends: With us!] I’m hot, but much more importantly… I’m happy.

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I read a quote today that says you can’t live a full life on an empty stomach, and I love that. Bye, I love you!

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So feminine! I have a secret to share with you all. Women bloat more than men.

Image credits: claraandherself

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