Saturday Surfing, July 10, 2021

I haven’t been wearing a lot of color on my eyes lately, but on my arm? That’s another story, ha!

These pretty eye makeup brights are by Urban Decay. Do you recognize any of them?

The hello in dark purple, the green hearts and the black outlining the hearts are Glide-On Eye Pencils — Psychedelic Sister, Freak and Zero. The blue is Chaos, a shadow stick. And the lighter purple lines are a powder shadow called Free Bird.

I’m thinking of doing an ombre-style winged liner soon, with the green in the inner corner, the blue in the middle and the purple on the outer half and wing. Maybe tightline with the black? Or maybe not. Decisions, decisions…

Whatcha got going on today? It’s blazing hot here in the North Bay Area, so you’ll find me indoors enjoying the fans and air conditioning.

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