Saturday Surfing, Oct. 30, 2021

G’morning! Happy Saturday! And happy Halloween weekend.

You’ll never guess what just happened. Connor walked into my office and very firmly stated, “Mama, I want to wear lipstick.”

Then, she specifically requested a bright fuchsia from among the products I was playing with.

After she was done putting it on (and she did a good job too!), she looked at herself in the mirror and said, “I look AMAZING.” Then she stomp-walked out of the room to go watch cartoons.

I’m extra amused by this because 1) I know that exact same feeling you get when your lipstick is extra great, and 2) I was actually thinking that I need to treat myself to a new lipstick today, and I’m considering one of the Ilia Color Block High Impact Lipsticks from Sephora.

Have you tried them before? I’m still deeply enamored with Ilia, which is why I want to grab one.

So, I can’t believe tomorrow is Halloween. It feels like this month, and truthfully the entire summer, came and went so quickly! I don’t know if it was just having a few more things to do and social events this year than last year is the reason, but I remember last October seeming to drag on and on forever… I also remember, clear as day, the worry I felt last fall and winter.

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