Saweetie can’t stop, won’t stop offering helpful sex ed. The “Icy Grl” rapper made headlines last year when she said that “safe sex is great sex,” and now she’s teaming up with Netflix for a new comedy special focused on sex positivity. Saweetie will host “Sex: Unzipped,” a press release announced.

Slated to premiere globally on Netflix October 26, the special will see Saweetie “joined by sex experts, talking heads, and a crew of sex-positive puppets who are representative of the broad spectrum of sex and sexualities that exist in real life to help address and describe some of the biggest myths, misconceptions, and experiences when it comes to sex and identity.”

You can expect to see Mae Martin, Michelle Buteau, Sam Jay, and Emily Morse among other talking heads and sexperts in the special.

Saweetie’s debut album, “Pretty Bitch Music,” is expected to arrive this year.

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