“She Called The Police And They Laughed”: Couple Hang Laundry Line To Block Neighbor’s View Of Their Home After She Installs 5 Cameras

Sadly, we don’t get to pick our neighbors. And while in many cases neighbors are either friendly, kind and caring, or perhaps even neutral and stay out of everyone’s way, there can be times when they’ll be one of those neighbors from hell we’ve been hearing about on the internet.

This is the story of the latter.

This woman shared a handful of TikTok videos detailing her battle with her neighbor’s decision to install security cameras that just so happen to be facing her house.

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What do you do when your neighbor installs 5 security cameras and they happen to be pointing at your house? Hang your laundry, of course!

Image credits: Megan Reid

TikToker Megan C. Reid has recently been drawing in a crowd on the platform with her series of “crazy neighbor” videos. In them, she details how her neighbor seems to have installed five security cameras on her house, all of which, according to Reid, are pointed at her front door and driveway. And this is besides the built in front door camera.

Now, her response to this was to put up a clothes line and dry all of her gigantic (and hence concealing) laundry there. An ingenious and uninvasive way to fend off nosy neighbors.

So, this woman shared how her neighbor decided to pop 5 surveillance cameras on her house, and they happen to be facing her driveway and front door

Image credits: Megan Reid

But, instead of complaining or yelling or whatever, she took it upon herself to build a wall of drying laundry to cover her property

Image credits: Megan Reid

She shows how her partner hangs up the clothes line along with all of the laundry, and this isn’t just bed sheets, but also some colorful additions, like a superman costume, a shirt with a no photography logo, and another piece of attire saying “Dryer Broke” and “I Win.”

Throughout her videos, Reid also gives a glimpse into what her neighbor is like, referring to her as ‘Karen’ and pointing out that the neighbor was actually charged for harassment.

Bed sheets, superman costumes, t’s with “I Win”, all of it was seen hanging on the line

Image credits: Megan Reid

Image credits: Megan Reid

The videos also showcase the locations and views of the cameras and how the neighbor reacts whenever Reid lets the dogs out to run around in their fenced-off yard (hella loud alarm is set off), framing a picture of a pretty difficult neighbor to deal with.

According to Reid, her neighbor has also called the police once all of the laundry was up. Well, the police showed up and just laughed. You can’t arrest someone if they’re putting up huge pieces of laundry on their property, right?

Reid herself had a camera too, but it was facing her backyard, and it was to see if the dogs aren’t up to no good

Image credits: Megan Reid

The neighbor’s cameras, on the other hand, were much more facing the neighbors than their own land

Image credits: Megan Reid

Image credits: Megan Reid

Now, Reid herself has cameras as well—the one she showed was pointed at her back yard, she got them because of the dogs, and she showed her entire history of recording. She supplements with another video showing from her neighbor’s camera, which can see through her and her step daughter’s bedroom windows.

This amusing laundry saga has managed to draw quite a crowd on TikTok, with the first video getting over 2.7 million views, and two subsequent videos garnering another 1.1 and 1.6 million views. Collectively, the videos have garnered over 600,000 likes.

While the neighbor is said to have 5 cameras, there was also one more as a door bell cam

Image credits: Megan Reid

Image credits: Megan Reid

Reid also mentioned that the neighbor had called the police for the laundry, but all they did was laugh

Image credits: Megan Reid

Here is the video that started it all

@megancreid21When your crazy neighbor has five cameras pointed at your front door/driveway….you put up a clothesline. ##winning♬ original sound – Megan Reid

You can check out all of Reid’s videos on her TikTok channel, where she posted the whole story thus far over the last couple of days, giving more context as well as answering people’s questions.

What are your thoughts on this? How would you react to a neighbor like this, or perhaps you have already run out of ideas and will use laundry next time there’s an argument? Let us know in the comment section below!

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