Sophia Banks has lined up her next gig. Currently in post-production on her feature debut, Michelle Monaghan-starrer “Black Site,” Banks has been tapped to helm survival thriller “Street Rat Allie.” Deadline broke the news.

The film tells the story of Allie, a woman “presented with a ticket to escape her post-apocalyptic city, which is sealed off by a dome. She and her ‘Street Rats,’ a pack of Dickensian girls who depend on each other for survival, become the targets of every criminal — human or otherwise. Armed with only her wits and a skateboard, she must overcome outsiders and her own conscience in leaving her fellow Street Rats behind,” the source summarizes.

Cosmos Pictures is producing the pic, which is set to shoot in Australia in 2022.

“Black Site” tells the story of a group of CIA agents in pursuit of a world-famous criminal who escapes detention. No word on a release date for the thriller.

“Proxy” and “Unregistered” are among Banks’ shorts.

Asked what progress has been made in the industry to “increase awareness and respect” in regard to diversity and gender, the filmmaker said, “It’s interesting because when I first started my career, I was discouraged from becoming a director and was told that I should ‘go into the female departments’ which at the time, I allowed to affect me. I started my career as a costume designer and later became a very successful celebrity stylist as well as a fashion designer. About five years ago I saw that there had been a shift in the industry and a friend pointed out that more than ever, it needed female voices,” she recalled. “That was enough encouragement to get me to see that I should go back to school and pursue this passion of mine.”

Banks emphasized, “There is not one side to a woman and there is not one side to a person. We need to see all perspectives of the world we live in if we want to have a true understanding and compassion for each other.”

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