In 2004 at the height of reality television, a competition show unlike anything viewers had ever seen debuted. The Biggest Loser followed six male and six female contestants as they trained, dieted, (and cried a lot) with the goal of losing as much weight as possible.

The show lasted 17 seasons and many speculate that the reason it eventually got canceled was that a National Institute of Health study showed many constants gained back all the weight. While some of them managed to keep the weight off and live a health-conscious life, some of them ended up heavier than they were before. Read on to see how the winners of every season have faired since their time on the show.

Ryan Benson

Benson was the first winner of The Biggest Loser in its inaugural season. At the start of the competition, he weighed over 300 pounds. Five months of grueling workouts and dieting later, he lost 122 pounds to weight in at 208.

biggest loser 1
Inside Edition/YouTube & @ryancbenson/Twitter

Sadly, as soon as he left the show he slipped back into old habits. In five years time, Benson weighed more than 350 pounds. In 2017 he started dieting again but in a sustainable way, and has taken up running and cycling.

Matt Hoover

Hoover was crowned the winner of the 2nd season of The Biggest Loser when he dropped 157 pounds. He took home the grand cash prize but he also took home a different prize: during his time on the show he and runner-up Suzy Preston fell in love.

biggest loser 2
OWN/YouTube & @hoovermama/Instagram

The two left the show, got married, and now have two happy and healthy boys. He gained back most of the weight almost immediately after but today he is staying healthy in different ways and recently competed in the Iron Man Competition.

Suzy Preston

What about the wife and runner-up of season 2 winner Matt Hoover? Suzy Preston lost a total of 95 pounds on the show but after the two left the studios, she gained back nearly 40 pounds. For Suzy, none of that mattered because she’d found the love of her life. When talking about the connection years later, she said, “I saw him at his worst…and he saw me at my worst.”

biggest loser 3
OWN/YouTube & @mamahoover/Instagram

Today, despite gaining back the weight, Suzy loves to cycle, run, and cheer on her two sons at their hockey games.

Erik Chopin

Since winning the 3rd season of The Biggest Loser, Erik Chopin has continued to struggle with his weight. To win the season, he dropped an incredible 214 pounds. Then, within two years, Chopin said he had gained it all back plus another 25 pounds.

biggest loser 4
@ErikChopin/Twitter & @CoreFitnessNY/YouTube

He went on to struggle re-losing the weight in the documentary Confessions of a Reality Show Loser. As of 2011, he’s working as a spin instructor and has brought his weight down to 245 pounds.

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