Set in a world where witches are real and witchcraft is illegal, “Witch Hunt” tells the story of Claire (Gideon Adlon), a teenager forced to confront her own prejudices as she helps two young witches (Abigail Cowen and Echo Campbell) trying to evade agents from the federal branch of the Bureau of Witchcraft Investigations. Her mother (Elizabeth Mitchell) supports witches in crises, running a safe house of sorts, a stop en route to the southern border, where vulnerable young women seek asylum in Mexico.

“We need to stop. We can’t be risking our lives for them,” Claire begs. Her mother reminds her that “these women are born with their powers — they don’t have a choice.”

Written and directed by Elle Callahan, “Witch Hunt” hits theaters, on demand, and digital October 1. Callahan made her feature debut with 2018’s “Head Count.”

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