Woman Leaves Her BF After He Puts Her Through Series Of “Tests” To See If She’s Not With Him Only For His Money, Sister Thinks He Got What He Deserved

There are a lot of factors that help people to understand whether they are in a good and healthy relationship. Of course, it’s normal to live through some ups and downs, experience some differences and work on them in order to have a deeper and more meaningful connection with another person. But sometimes there are things that are just too hard to ignore and thus this becomes the reason why people decide to go their separate ways. One Reddit user @shwnwneneb2929 decided to share the situation she partially got involved in after finding out that her brother and his girlfriend of six months had broken up.

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There are a lot of different ways a person can show their love and affection to another person

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The woman started her story by revealing that she has a 27-year-old brother whose hard work has made him a successful and wealthy man. The brother dated a woman with whom the narrator became friends since they shared a lot of similar interests. One time, while the women were texting, the girlfriend revealed that it would be weird for her to keep in touch with the narrator since the couple broke up. The sister didn’t know about this and was curious to know what happened because she never saw the two fighting or having any disagreements.

One Reddit user decided to share how shocked she was to find out how her brother treated his girlfriend

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The girlfriend explained that she’d had enough of being tested by her boyfriend who couldn’t let go of the idea that she was with him only for his money and wealth. The woman opened up about the situations her boyfriend would put her through in order to see how she would handle it. She told his sister about a time when he left some bank statements on their bed and then waited to see if she would take a look at those papers, and then immediately concluding that her actions meant that she was only seeking financial gain.

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Her brother’s girlfriend revealed that he has been testing her to see if she’s with him only for financial gain

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The narrator asked her brother if it was true that he didn’t trust his girlfriend and thought that she was a “gold digger”

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After this, another situation followed where the boyfriend suggested that they go to an expensive restaurant where they spent $500 on dinner, after which the man declared that he forgot his wallet at home, so she ended up paying the bill. He also pushed to the point where his girlfriend bought him expensive gifts such as a gaming console and new car rims but didn’t get anything from him. When she asked him about this, he broke down, stating that she was only with him for his money and gifts.

The man didn’t hide the fact that he tried to “catch” his girlfriend, stating that it’s hard to live in a world where women are trying to take advantage of him

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This behavior caused the woman to end the relationship. After hearing the situation, the narrator contacted her brother to find out if this all was really true. The man agreed that he “tested” his girlfriend as it was the only way for him to know that she wasn’t using him. He also was sure that she didn’t like him for who he is as she was quite upset after having to spend $500 for a dinner. The sister then asked if he doesn’t think that the girlfriend was upset because she is a school teacher and she doesn’t earn enough money to be able to spend it on lavish dinner parties.

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After the brother was left by his girlfriend, he was upset that he had to deal with a “gold digger” and that his sister thought that he was in the wrong here

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Despite the fact that the sister was quite appalled by her brother’s behavior, the man didn’t see any of this being his fault. The two ended up having an argument as the woman felt that her brother brought all of this upon himself, thinking that women are interested in him because of his wealth. The narrator thought that he won’t gain anything from conducting these “tests”, and that he, for the sake of his own well-being, should then date women that are as rich as he is.

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People online supported the Reddit user, stating that her brother’s behavior isn’t acceptable and that his girlfriend did the right thing by leaving him. For many, it was clear that he was using her more than she did as the woman would buy him expensive gifts without getting anything in return. People agreed that the user’s brother showed his true colors and seems to be more of a “gold digger” himself.

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People online agreed with the narrator saying that her brother thinks too highly of himself

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